Friday, August 10, 2012

Boy Head

So this is a direct copy of the blog post I did for Quilt Barn. I wanted to share it with you but I didn't have it in me to rewrite it. Sorry.
We have several fires close by. I have been sitting on my deck at night and watching it get closer everyday. The girl's dad is is at these fires and he sends me picture texts. Scary stuff. They are doing evacuations and many dairies are close by. How do you evacuate  hundreds of cows?

Now for the other window display. Our other window has a large iron bed and it stays put. It gets a new theme for window change day too. We have the girl's room all pretty but the boys needed to be represented too.
Like our vintage girl pillow we made a matching boy pillow using our t-shirt printer and white muslin. Isn't he sweet. He was made using a free image from The Graphics Fairy and tweaked in photoshop by Laura. He is backed with a blue reproduction feedsack fabric and stuffed with wool batting scraps.
Again, my inspiration was these pillows

The pillow next to him is a robot applique pillow from the book Curiosities and Mischief. I hope we get more books in because there are more cute pillows I want to make from it.

The bright quilt is also made from Curiosities and Mischief. The car pillows are simply wrapped in a piece of remenant fabric from the line Peak Hour.

 The bed bunting I made with the same Peak Hour remenant. No template, I just cut roughed out triangles with a long ruler. Each car was a different size so a template would not have worked. Each triangle was ironed on to a light fusible, stitched with a bright red thread and then sewn on to large green pompom fringe.

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Martin R. Meyers said...

Hey Tara,

That boy's bed display looks very very inviting, even with potential window shoppers watching me trying to sleep. Also thank you for your comment- I left you a response there so you can go check it out. Have a good one!